Looking at the Mobility Benefits of SB Gantry Cranes vs. Fixed Equipment

Overhead bridge cranes have long been viewed as the ideal lifting solution for indoor facilities, but as more and more mobile gantry cranes are put into these types of applications the perception is changing. The Shuttlelift SB (Single Beam) Series industrial gantry cranes are designed to function like a more innovative overhead bridge crane but without the restrictions of the rails.  This gives our customers unrivaled mobility and versatility, which in turn makes operation more efficient and saves money.  In comparison to captive equipment, the SB benefits are easy to see and quantify.

#1 Easier Property Management

If you are currently working in a leased facility it can be difficult to add an overhead bridge to a building and is a major investment which can only be used for the duration of the lease. On the other hand, SB cranes can perform all the functions of an overhead bridge crane but are not a part of the building itself. So whether you are leasing the building or own it, the SB cranes can be dismantled and taken with you if you out-grow your current facility.

When overhead bridge cranes are added to a new facility or an existing building, the assessed value of the facility goes up, increasing the tax burden. However, SB gantry cranes are not counted towards the value of your building and are depreciated as any other type of mobile equipment would be, in turn saving you money.

#2 Maximizing Efficiency 

Maximizing efficiency and achieving a shorter than average return on investment (ROI) are just a couple benefits Shuttlelift customers are enjoying. The mobility of SB gantry cranes allows your entire operation to be serviced with a single piece of equipment including modifying work flows, expansions, adding work bays, or additional buildings. Whereas overhead bridge cranes are only able to service areas within the reach of their rails. One SB can easily complete tasks in any area, making multiple overhead bridge cranes unnecessary and allowing you to downsize your fleet of other mobile equipment.

In addition, being the owner of a rubber-tired gantry crane that is customized with the features to meet the demands of your projects often saves money over renting equipment.

This makes the SB Series gantry crane a more cost effective solution and helps get money to your bottom line faster.

#3 Better Work Flow

With a properly sized door opening you can use the SB series crane to cover indoor work, storage areas, and outdoor space. Having this capability simplifies moving the product from inside to outside of the building by eliminating the need for double handling and re-rigging the product. This allows you to service all of your available space with just one piece of equipment and control your own schedule by not having to wait on costly rental equipment.

In addition, Shuttlelift SB gantry cranes can easily be used in conjunction with an existing overhead bridge to increase capacity or tandem pick longer items.

Our SB gantry cranes are 100% customized lifting solution to meet all the demands of your industry. We often hear from customers that these gantry cranes lift well beyond their initial scope. Contact our team here to learn more about how we can create a custom lifting solution to meet all your needs.

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