Used Cranes

The used equipment you see on our site is listed to provide potential customers with the option to buy quality used equipment.

These pages are strictly designed as a service to help our current customers sell their equipment. This is the kind of support you can expect from Shuttlelift as a company, both now and into the future. We strive to help you with your business!

If you can’t find a used machine that meets your specifications, visit our Gantry Solutions pages or Contact us to find out how Shuttlelift can fulfill your unique lifting needs.

RTG crane available now

1999 ISL55B

Location: Pittsfield, MA, USA

Dimensions: Inside Clear Width 37′ 8″; Inside Clear Height 27′ 3″

Features: 4WD

Contact: Shuttlelift Sales at e:
p:(920) 743-8650

Shuttlelift 2018 Crane Available

2018 DB110

Capacity: 220,000 lbs.

Dimensions: Inside Clear Width 40’; Hook Height 40’; Overall Width 49′ 5″

Features: Tier 4 Cummins Engine
Heated & Cooled Cab
Dual Traversing Hooks
DC-LED lights (8)
AVT Fuel Saver
Sound Suppression Kit

Contact: Shuttlelift Sales at e:
p:(920) 743-8650