Used Cranes

The used equipment you see on our site is listed to provide potential customers with the option to buy quality used equipment.

These pages are strictly designed as a service to help our current customers sell their equipment. This is the kind of support you can expect from Shuttlelift as a company, both now and into the future. We strive to help you with your business!

If you can’t find a used machine that meets your specifications, visit our Gantry Solutions pages or Contact us to find out how Shuttlelift can fulfill your unique lifting needs.

2007 ISL50B

Model: ISL50B

Year: 2007

Capacity: 100,000 lbs.

Dimensions: ICW: 31’0″ and 33’0″ HH

Features: John Deere diesel engine, Work/drive lights, Cold start package, 10kw diesel genset, 42’0”longitudinal spreader w/ 4 sliding pick points.

Contact: Chris Vincent, 780-686-9045


2016 SB30

Model: SB30

Year: 2016

Capacity: 60,000 lb

Dimensions: ICW: 46′ 7″ and 24′ 6″ HH

Features: Heavy Duty Structural Frame, Wireless Remote Control – FCC Part 15 unlicensed, All Wheel Electronic Steering, Wheel Fenders – Full Coverage, AVT – Automatic Variable Throttle, High Temperature/ Low-Level Hydraulic Oil Shutdown.

Contact: Dave Marshall (866) 744-9921


2012 ISL70B

Model: ISL 70B

Year: 2012

Capacity: 140,000 lb

Dimensions: ICW: 64′ 2″ and 38′ 6″ HH

Features: Cummins Diesel engine, raised cab, 12-Volt work & drive lights, AVT fuel saver, fenders, High temperature/low-level hydraulic oil shutdown, wheel jacking system.

Contact: John Swanson (402) 271-2807


2012 ISL 70B

Model: ISL 70B

Year: 2012

Capacity: 140,000 lb

Dimensions: ICW: 50′ and 35′ HH

Features: Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 3 Diesel engine, Travel alarms, strobe lights, fully enclosed raised eye level cab, wireless remote control cab and controls, wireless load readout, 2 hooks, cab and engine load readouts, air conditioning, drive lights.

Contact: Mark Fellon  908-333-2139


2016 DB70

Model: DB70

Capacity: 140,000 lbs.

Dimensions: ICW: 32’3″ ICH: 25′

Features: Cummins QSB6.7 engine, Wireless remote control, All-wheel electronic steering, Electronic load readout, Load read-out display on radio remote transmitter, Sound suppression kit (1), AVT fuel saver, DC-LED light package (8), High temperature/low-level hydraulic oil shutdown and collision avoidance system.

Contact: Michael Cawston +61 2 9533 5411  Available for delivery: June 2017


1993 250 LCAC

Model: 250 LCAC Capacity: 300,000 LBS

Dimensions: (ICW x ICH): 51′ and 32′ HH, Overall Width 70’0”, Overall Height 38’0”

Features: Fixed hoist centers at 19’ 4”, Grade 6%, Tire ground bearing pressure: 75 psi., MFG 1993 and factory reconditioned in 2002, *erected at facility, available for demonstration*

Consult Shuttlelift sales for pricing:  +1.920.743.8650