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Why Shuttlelift?

shuttlelift safety features

High emphasis on safety

shuttlelift superior customer service

Superior customer service and quality

shuttlelift maintenance costs

Reduced maintenance costs

shuttlelift machine uptime

Maximized machine uptime

All structural flanges are machined to a flat surface providing full contact when the structure is bolted together. Columns are tapered both in the longitudinal and transverse direction of the crane providing a very stable upper structure.

Our team of factory certified service technicians will get you the answers you need when you need them. Our network of certified dealers also ensures the proper coverage and support you need throughout the entire lifespan of your machine.

Shuttlelift rubber-tired gantry cranes are engineered and designed with the end user in mind, featuring customer-inspired design features to save you time and money.

Different industries require different sized cranes to get the job done. That’s why at Shuttlelift, we custom fit each machine accordingly. Through our vast offering of valuable features, options, and superior CustomerCare, you will quickly realize the benefits of a gantry crane from Shuttlelift.

Let us walk you through our “Crane Spec” process

and help you discover what “innovative lifting solutions” truly means.

DB Series rubber-tired gantry crane in concrete application

Unparalleled Cost Savings

Shuttlelift rubber-tired gantry cranes offer greater value for less. With our vast offering of valuable features, options, and CustomerCare services, you will benefit by reducing operational costs and improving your bottom line.

Engineered for your specific lifting needs

With a mobile gantry crane from Shuttlelift, you’re getting more than just a crane. You are getting an innovative, customized lifting solution that is designed and built to your specifications. Shuttlelift gantry cranes are for long-term, heavy-duty cycle use, and our team will work in partnership with you throughout your machine’s many years of reliable service.

Simplified Operation

When you’re dealing with on-site material handling, stability, and planning issues, it takes valuable time away from the job at hand. With Shuttlelift’s rubber tired gantry cranes, loads are suspended directly beneath the frame so operators do not need to interpret complex stability charts.

Optimum Performance Efficiency

You can utilize every square foot of your yard and facility with one machine. With options such as our All-Wheel Electronic Steering, a Shuttlelift mobile gantry crane can provide your operation with maximum flexibility, maneuverability and precision handling in the most confined spaces.

Shuttlelift SB Series overhead rubber-tired gantry cranes used in precast concrete industry