In the economic battle against budgets and
timelines, we’ll help you pick your weapon.

Our arsenal of rubber-tired industrial cranes includes our highly mobile SB Series, our value-powerhouse DB Series, our industry-leading SL Series overhead cranes and our superior workhorse ISL Series. Explore the benefits of each series, then contact us to custom fit your perfect lifting solution.

Shuttlelift DB Series rubber-tired gantry crane

DB Series: Rubber Tired Gantry Crane

The DB Series high-quality performance, efficiency and adaptable design were built for long-term, heavy duty cycle use. With double traversing beams, our DB series will increase efficiency and productivity without increasing the price. Let us develop your customized lifting solution to help save you time and money. Capacity is 30 - 250 US tons and greater.

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SB mobile gantry crane for every industrial application

SB Series: Rubber Tired Gantry Crane

When it comes to tandem picking long loads, nothing surpasses the ease of use or economy of using the Shuttlelift SB series to perform the task, whether using a pair in tandem or one in conjunction with a conventional gantry crane. The SB series opens all of your real estate as usable space. The SB series gives you the versatility to use the crane inside of your facility and the ability to carry the parts outside of the building anywhere in your yard for staging or loading out for shipment. Capacity is 30 - 200 US tons and greater.

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Mobile Gantry Crane for Industrial Applications

SL Series: Rubber Tired Gantry Crane

Designed specifically for “pick and carry” operations, the SL series will increase your productivity with an economical solution. Whether you are performing a “pick and carry” operation or loading a truck for transport, using the simple independent hoist system makes this task a breeze. Capacity is 25 - 1000 US tons and greater.

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Custom Spreaders

Custom Spreaders

Customized spreaders from Shuttlelift allow you to make 100% of your lifts with just one piece of equipment and are built with the same standards of quality that go into every mobile gantry crane we manufacture. As products continue to get bigger in size a custom spreader can give you the versatility you need to handle future growth.

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E Series: Rubber Tired Gantry Crane

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Altogether, Shuttlelift has been so efficient and pleasant to work with. There could be another machine in our future; the utility business has expanded so much, there are already discussions about expanding our operation. Darwin Gamm, Sabre Industries
We ordered our SB50 to make dual lifts of larger bridge beams. It has performed just as we expected for those lifts, but it operates so quickly that we have discovered many other uses for our SB50. We have enjoyed it for over five years now and we look forward to many more years of use. Don Thomson, CPI of Tennessee
Normally it would have taken us six and a half hours to lift and move a tank. With the new Shuttlelift DB 70, it took us 13 minutes. Kelly Blain, PCL Industrial Services
We have had very good experiences with our Shuttletlifts...they are very durable, reliable, and very easy to operate! Allen Kung, Kiewit Corporation