Inspection Program

Shuttlelift’s Customer Care Service Technicians have been trusted by numerous customers to keep their machines in peak operating condition. Shuttlelift’s signature inspections are completed by highly trained in-house factory technicians who will perform a multi-point inspection of your machine.

The inspection is followed up with a detailed report outlining the recommended areas needing attention including a parts and service quotation if required. Any maintenance or replacement parts authorized by the yard are then scheduled for a future repair date and given a one-time discount. Upon completion of all parts and service work, the yard will receive an approved inspection decal for each machine.

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Oil Sample Testing
  • Operator Maintenance Training

Preventative Maintenance

  • Grease lube fittings on sheave pins if applicable
  • Grease steering pivot points
  • Grease trunnion pin if greaseable type
  • Adjust and lube hoist chains if applicable and serviceable
  • Adjust cable tension on block adjust wire rope
  • Lubricate hoist wire rope
  • Change filters (hydraulic oil filters, engine oil filter,
    fuel filter, air filter)*
  • Change hoist gear reducer oil*
  • Change drive gear reducer oil*
  • Change non drive gear reducer oil*
  • Change oil in hoist brakes if applicable*
  • Change oil in drive brakes if applicable*
  • Change oil in pump drive if applicable*
  • Change engine oil*
  • Check anti freeze level and strength
  • Align steering
  • Check and adjust tire pressure
  • Shuttlelift’s signature Inspection Services, Option 1 (PM 1)
  • Hydraulic reservoir oil change.**


Oil Sample Testing

  • Shuttlelift signature Inspection Services, Option 1 (PM 1)
  • Hydraulic oil sample analysis

Shuttlelift will obtain a hydraulic oil sample and send it to a third party testing facility for analysis. An oil sample report will be supplied after testing is complete.


Operator Maintenance Training

  • A Shuttlelift factory technician will perform basic operator/maintenance training with on-site personnel.

All attendees will receive operator training certificates upon completion.


Maintenance Tips

Tire Icon

Tire Pressure

Check your TIRE PRESSURE. Lack of checking will lead to premature wear or component failure.

Hydraulic Icon

Hydraulic System

Service your Hydraulic System. Lack of maintenance will lead to reduced performance and premature component failure.

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Keep your operators and maintenance crew properly trained Schedule Factory Operator and Maintenance Training class.