Why Customers are Switching to Shuttlelift from Other RTG Manufacturers

In recent years there has been a significant number of rubber-tired gantry crane customers switching to Shuttlelift from other brands of mobile cranes they have traditionally used. Besides responding to customer demand with new and innovative features and options, Shuttlelift has not deviated from what we’ve always done when interacting with potential gantry crane customers. We are seeing the changes with younger professionals moving into executive roles within the industries we serve. These executives are well informed and not satisfied with the same old thing. They are not going to “buy a Ford because dad always bought Fords”.

At Shuttlelift we strive to create valuable business relationships and win customer loyalty through:

Treating all customers as #1 priority – We take no existing or potential gantry crane customer for granted. We will work with you to address all of your concerns and make sure you feel good about your purchase decision. No customer is too big or too small. At Shuttlelift we do not “mail in” a quotation expecting a sale solely on our name. We look at it as a partnership and will put in the necessary time to make sure you get the right piece of equipment and service you expect. A small precast manufacturer in the Midwest even expressed how impressed they were by the amount of time spent understanding all of their lifting requirements, something other manufacturers didn’t take the time to do.

Providing technical support right from the start – Shuttlelift is heavily engaged with customers right from the first conversation. We look at what you currently need to lift, and how you need to manipulate that load. We also do our best to see what your lifting requirements may be in the years to come. Our goal is to make sure the mobile gantry crane and lifting attachment you need today will also meet your requirements in 5 years. We want to sell you the rubber tire gantry crane that best fits your application, not the one that will make us the most money. We have a customer in Alberta we actually talked out of purchasing a more expensive model because the level of load manipulation was not required to address the coming changes in their business.

Ongoing technical support after sale – At Shuttlelift, we are here as a resource to you and continue to support our customers with technical lifting advice after the sale. Many times, changes in a customer’s business brings changes to existing products or new products that prove to be a lifting challenge. We are here to help you address those challenges and find a solution that will result in a successful outcome. Shuttlelift will not complete the sales transaction on a new mobile gantry crane and become a ghost. A Shuttlelift customer who manufactures wind blades in Colorado was challenged when new blade configurations hit the line. We teamed with them to come up with solutions to lift those blades with existing points or rework lifting attachments to provide pick points in the proper locations.

Customer’s top priority (maximum uptime), is Shuttlelift’s top priority – Customers have direct access to Shuttlelift technical support, be it through our local distributor network or Shuttlelift’s highly trained in-house personnel. We know how important it is to keep your operation going, and Shuttlelift now equips all models with a remote diagnostic system. This allows our in-house technicians to access the electronic “brain” of the crane to troubleshoot and correct many issues without even being on site. This saves time and money when issues need to be addressed and gives our customers maximum uptime.

The commonality of parts – When the SB and DB series cranes were designed, the directive was to make as many components as possible common between capacities and models, and where applicable throughout the SL series gantry cranes. We now build a larger number of cranes from a smaller pool of parts. That makes “in-stock” replacement parts something you can count on.

Years of experience and dedication – Rubber-tired gantry cranes are what we do at Shuttlelift. RTGs are all we have been doing since the late 1950s. We will never be distracted by different types of equipment or business ventures. This gives customers peace of mind that they will be taken care of promptly, not just as our schedule permits.

Readily available information – We realize customers do more research than ever before prior to contacting the manufacturer. Because of this, Shuttlelift knows the importance of continually upgrading our website to be a vast resource of information. This allows the customer to come to us with a basic, or even fairly defined thought on what they are looking for. We then join the conversation to propose the most efficient machine for that customer’s specific application.

Bottom line is, we at Shuttlelift have been in the mobile gantry crane business for a long time and know that serving the customer right from the start is what causes them to make the initial purchase. The ongoing service and relationship are what keeps them coming back. And the word is spreading……..