Handling Steel Applications Part 2: Steel Coils

Do you have the right lifting options for your steel coil handling needs?

When it comes to steel, nothing transports and stores it more efficiently than a mobile gantry crane. Shuttlelift rubber tired gantry cranes (RTG) have quickly become the most economical and preferred way to transport steel products. In addition, we are a leader when it comes to maximizing storage space at your steel yard. In the second part of our steel handling series we will explore how Shuttlelift gantry cranes are rubber tired gantry crane moving steel coilsleading the industry in steel coil handling and what matters most to you – storing the most product possible in a limited space.

Maximizing Steel Coil Storage in Your Yard

The traditional method for stacking and storing steel coils with a forklift and stinger is becoming less ideal with the aisle space needed for tail swing, along with stability issues. Rubber-tired gantry cranes have made it possible to store more

custom steel coil load chartproduct by minimizing the space needed for travel aisles and the load is always carried inside the wheelbase, which eliminates the need for complex load charts. When switching to a Shuttlelift RTG, from forklifts, a majority of our customers are able to at least double their steel coil storage capacity. At Shuttlelift our sales and engineering teams work with each of our customers to design custom gantry cranes and yard layouts that allows you to make the most efficient use of your space.

Lifting Device Options

Depending on your specific application and goals our gantry cranes can be equipped with the following lifting devices to help with operations:

  • Mechanical Grabs

When pairing a Shuttlelift SB series crane with a mechanical grab you are able to create the densest yard storage possible because the custom crane requires minimal space for travel aisles and the hydraulically actuated mechanical grab allows you to stack coils closer together.

  • C-HooksShuttlelift SB Crane Handling Steel Coils

C-Hooks are the most popular and cost effective options for handling steel coils. They require a little more space between coils to engage the c-hook but are still a great option for increasing storage capacity at your yard.

  • Powered rotators

If you are looking for the ultimate in automation we are able to add a powered rotator to the cranes hook. This option allows your operator complete control allowing them to quickly and tightly stack coils.


Our Shuttlelift team is here to answer any questions you may have about transporting steel and which option of gantry crane is built to suite you best, contact us here now.

Shuttlelift rubber tired gantry cranes are custom designed to handle any steel application. You can check out part 1 of this blog series, Handling Steel Plates, to see how we can increase the efficiency of your operation.


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