Adaptable Design of Shuttlelift DB 30 (60,000 lb. Capacity) Gantry Crane Gives Ryobi Techno Company Maximum Maneuverability

STURGEON BAY, WI (February 5th, 2018) – Shuttlelift has recently delivered a new DB Series mobile gantry crane to Ryobi Techno Company in Japan. The 30-ton capacity machine has improved efficiency and increased productivity by allowing them to move freely indoors and out.

Kurashiki factory of Ryobi Techno Company of Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd., located in the newly developed Tamashima Harbor Island in Kurashiki city, Okayama prefecture, conducts maintenance, mechanical work, and other body repairs to a number of large vehicles including hydraulic power shovels and other industrial automobiles. The cranes they had previously been utilizing had limited their operator availability due to required licensing, making the upgrade to the Shuttlelift an easy choice.

“We have enjoyed better work efficiency with our Shuttlelift since the new facility was opened in June,” said Mr. Sadamasa Kondo, company head. “We can now go in and out of our building while moving with a full load. Before we had to use a truck crane for the same operation, which required licensed and authorized operators and limited our maneuverability within the facility.”

The new double-beam gantry crane was engineered and designed to meet Ryobi’s unique specifications – including the patented All-Wheel Steering technology to maneuver with precise handling around confined spaces.

“With Shuttlelift’s all-wheel electronic steering technology and wireless remote control system, our DB30 has improved overall productivity, improved our safety, and increased efficiency while maximizing space,” explains Kondo. “We look forward to having more customers use our facility in the future.”

The adaptable design and quick delivery of the Shuttlelift have made an immediate impact for Ryobi in the transportation industry and hope to bring in more business in years to come.

“This was our first Shuttlelift delivery in Japan,” said Hidenori Wakabayashi, CEO of authorized Shuttlelift dealer Fuji Kougyo Co. “The way Ryobi uses the new Shuttlelift is very unique and I believe this new approach will expand the potential of Shuttlelift mobile gantry cranes.”

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