Eagle Builders Continuing to Expand with Shuttlelift Cranes

Company Now Has Five RTG Cranes Working in Yard

Eagle Builders acquired their first Shuttlelift gantry crane over ten years ago, back in 2007. Since then, Eagle Builders has substantially grown and so has their Shuttlelift rubber-tired gantry crane lineup. As Western Canada’s largest precast concrete manufacturer, they now have five Shuttlelift cranes in their yard, which includes: two SB50’s, two ISL70B’s, and one ISL50B. That’s a total lift capacity of 290 tons between all their Shuttlelift cranes.

Eagle Builders is a family-run Canadian based manufacturing and construction company specializing in the design, engineering, fabrication and building of precast concrete structures. Their manufacturing plant spans over 150,000 sq. ft., is located in Alberta, Canada and they are involved in projects from Manitoba to Vancouver Island.

Craig Haan, Director at Eagle Builders, explains why they have continued to trust Shuttlelift for their lifting needs, “Once digging into the designs of different gantries, the Eagle Builders team liked Shuttlelift’s torsion flex in the crane’s corners. When compared to other cranes, not having a rigid connection was an advantage. We felt that other designs may crack based on our undulating yard.”

Haan continues, “Our Shuttlelift cranes are easy to operate and have been reliable over the years. They are able to help us move and store products more efficiently in the yard. As our company expands our yard has had to expand with us. Our Shuttlelift gantry cranes have helped us avoid process bottlenecks from stripping to storage.”


Each Shuttlelift model is engineered as a unique lifting solution to best serve your yard and environment. Whether working in tandem or independently, these cranes are designed to handle different types of terrain with maximum maneuverability.

Reliable Service & Parts Make All the Difference

Throughout their many years of owning and operating Shuttlelift gantry cranes, Eagle Builders has worked closely with Kendrick Equipment who is their local Shuttlelift dealer. Kendrick’s headquarters is located in British Columbia, Canada, in addition, they offer local service in Alberta.

“It has been a privilege working with the Eagle Builders team and servicing their ever-growing lineup of Shuttlelift rubber-tired gantry cranes,” says Dave Marshall, Vice President and Sales Manager at Kendrick Equipment. “We appreciate the loyalty they’ve shown to us and the Shuttlelift brand over the years.”

“Kendrick has done a nice job of servicing our equipment at Eagle Builders with support from Shuttlelift,” says Haan. “No matter what equipment you buy, things will come up, but it’s how the company provides services and responds moving forward that makes the difference.”

Not only do all Shuttlelift cranes come with access to our in-house CustomerCare support team, we also keep an extensive inventory of genuine parts on hand to keep your project operating at maximum efficiency, and a superior global distributor network for the quick response.

Looking Forward

Eagle Builders is currently in construction of the largest precast concrete parkade in Western Canada at the YVR Airport. They are producing NU girders for various highway projects, which are some of the largest precast concrete products in the country, exceeding 55-meters in length and weighing over 230,000 lbs.

Learn more about Eagle Builders on their website here: https://eaglebuilders.ca