Fraserway Prekast Improves Effeciency and Safety with SB30 Gantry Crane

Sturgeon Bay, WIFraserway Prekast, a BM Group company located in Langley, British Columbia, has recently added a Shuttlelift SB30 mobile gantry crane to its equipment fleet.  The SB30 rubber-tired crane provides them with more lift capacity as well as improved efficiency, safety, and operational processes.

Fraswerway Prekast PR

BM Group purchased Fraserway Prekast just over a year ago, but the Shuttlelift Single Beam design has always been something they’ve looked to add to their operation.  The SB30 mobile gantry crane has a capacity of 30 U.S. tons and this particular machine is equipped with wireless remote control, electronic all-wheel steering, and collision avoidance sensors. This gives Fraserway Prekast the ability to manage space effectively and safely in a way no traditional overhead crane system can.

Before acquiring the Shuttlelift Fraserway Prekast had a maximum lift capacity of 20 tons, which was achieved with two 10-ton cranes and at times required assistance from supporting equipment.

“This required additional resources and attention to detail in order to maintain safety and operational efficiency”, says Racy Sidhu, Managing Director at Fraserway Prekast.  He added, “We were constrained on the crane runway and not able to continue building other elements while loading.”

With the added capacity of the SB30 Single Beam crane and Shuttlelift’s patented electronic all-wheel steer system, Fraserway Prekast is now able to build bigger product and easily move it anywhere in the yard safely and efficiently.

“The addition of the Shuttlelift increases our lift capacity, reduces congestion in our primary work areas and gives us the flexibility to facilitate larger projects we historically may not have been able to pursue”, says Sidhu.

Fraserway Prekast wanted a Shuttlelift gantry crane because of the quality product and high-end support they knew they could count on from Kendrick Equipment, the certified Shuttlelift dealer servicing the Pacific Northwest.

Sidhu emphasized this by saying, “We would highly recommend the team at Kendrick Equipment and the service.  The Kendrick experience is definitely something to rave about.”

Fraserway Prekast is one of over fourteen companies under the BM Group which includes a portfolio of construction, project management, material supply, and land development companies.  To learn more about their full complement of companies visit

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