Shuttlelift Responds to Industry Demands with Design of DB90 (180,000 lb. capacity) and DB165 (330,000 lb. capacity) Rubber-Tired Gantry Cranes

STURGEON BAY, WI — Shuttlelift has recently announced the addition of the DB90 and DB165 double-beam, rubber-tired gantry cranes to its arsenal. The introduction of the two machines serves as a response to customers’ growing demands within the concrete and steel industries, and provides the same high-quality performance and adaptable design Shuttlelift customers have come to expect over the past 30 years.

Products in the concrete and steel vessel markets continue to grow in size, and as a result so too does the need for an innovative lifting solution that will provide a more cost-effective way of doing business. Shuttlelift’s engineering team has designed the DB90 and DB165 to meet the demands of its customers, and with the same proven technology, reliability and overall performance.

“We have been receiving numerous requests from customers, especially within the precast concrete market, for machines with the capability to carry loads ranging between the industry norms of 70 tons and 110 tons,” says Kurt Minten, Shuttlelift’s Director of Industrial Sales. “And with the additional weight of a spreader assembly, the DB90 becomes a more economical solution.”

The introduction and design of the DB90 rubber-tired gantry crane provides a solution to customers who have load sizes between the DB70 (140,000 lbs. capacity) and DB110 (220,000 lbs. capacity) machines. It allows them to safely and efficiently handle their product at a price that is in line with the capacity they need. This adaptability and quick response to industry and customer demands have quickly become a staple of Shuttlelift’s philosophy.

The larger DB165 machine is designed with today’s concrete and steel industries in mind. Continued increases in load size has brought about an increase in requests for a crane that offers the capability to lift more than the DB150 (300,000 lb. capacity). The new DB165 fills this need and, like all Shuttlelift models, can carry max capacity along the full width of the crane.

“The Shuttlelift feature that really stands out on the DB165 is how the full crane capacity can be traversed side to side, the full width of the crane,” said Brock Rubens, Manager of Industrial Sales and Marketing at Shuttlelift. “It is not a crane that is only rated for full capacity in the center.”

Continued development of new crane technology and superior customer service, coupled with the addition of the DB90 and DB165 gives Shuttlelift the unique ability to adapt to industry demands and continue tailoring machines to meet customers’ exact specifications.

Features such as remote diagnostics and intelligent operating systems are designed to maximize uptime. This, along with Shuttlelift’s service training and inspection programs, assures each rubber-tired gantry crane from Shuttlelift is performing at its maximum efficiency year in and year out.

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Shuttlelift rubber-tired gantry cranes are the preferred customer-inspired solution for heavy lifting requirements and are manufactured to specification for a multitude of applications, worldwide. The Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin-based company manufacturers cranes with capacities ranging from 15 to 1,000 U.S. tons, all of which are supported by a global network of experienced dealers. Through superior engineering innovations, Shuttlelift has become one of the premier lines in today’s materials-handling industry.