Shuttlelift Serves Telecom Industry at CellSite Solutions

STURGEON BAY – CellSite Solutions, a national leader in the telecommunication sector, recently took delivery of a Shuttlelift SL50II (100,000 lb/45,000 kg capacity) rubber-tired mobile gantry crane at their warehouse facility in Cedar Rapids, IA. The Shuttlelift crane allows CellSite Solutions to transport and load concrete shelters and large industrial generators with ease and efficiency, in addition to fully optimizing the layout of their new storage space.

About CellSite Solutions

CellSite Solutions provides used telecom equipment, products, and services in addition to managing projects that involve new, used, or refurbished equipment, with business in 30 states. Clients range from municipalities and counties to railroad communications systems and fiber networks.

The scope of CellSite’s capabilities is broad, ranging from decommissioning, refurbishing, and installing used equipment including shelters, towers, cabinets, and generators. Decommissioning and refurbishing processes are important in today’s economic landscape to cut back on both costs and pollution, and CellSite even offers a full-scale telecom site remediation process to bring land back to working condition for alternative development.

In 2021 the company moved into new office and climate-controlled warehouse space. Realizing they would soon need an efficient and effective way to move heavy cement shelter buildings around, CellSite’s teams contacted Shuttlelift to deliver a solution customized to their specific needs.

A panoramic view of the warehouse facility at CellSite Solutions where you can see concrete shelters arranged in aisles by the Shuttlelift crane.

The Perfect Fit

The SL series rubber-tired mobile gantry crane lineup from Shuttlelift offered the power and versatility that CellSite solutions required to execute the picks and hauls they perform daily.

Additional height and wheelbase were included in the design of this custom crane, along with adjustable sets of hoist blocks to accommodate different sized product and pick points. The width was reduced to create a footprint best suited for the warehouse space.

In addition, CellSite chose upgraded options to optimize space and reduce labor hours including all wheel electronic steering and a wireless remote control.

All Wheel Electronic Steering

Shuttlelift’s patented all-wheel electronic steering provides maximum flexibility, maneuverability, and precision handling while operating in confined spaces. Shuttlelift designers and engineers charted the facility at CellSite Solutions to best arrange the layout in the warehouse including navigating around the present structural support poles.

A technical drawing of the warehouse facility at CellSite Solutions.

“We needed the ability to have all the wheels turning at the same time and the 360-degree movement of the wheels would allow us to move throughout the aisles of the warehouse with ease. Moving shelters this heavy into and out of their tight parking spots is not a small chore. We aimed to set up the warehouse for max capacity and the Shuttlelift crane with four-wheel-steer would allow us to be as efficient as possible.” Lisa Stigge -Recruiting and Internal Marketing, CellSite Solutions

Impact on Customer Experience

When asked about CellSite Solution’s new business or customer experience goals for 2022, Stigge remarked:

“With our new facility and expansive warehouse, we are very proud and can now seamlessly invite clients/prospects to come to visit and tour our amazing property. We are especially proud to show off the gantry crane and demonstrate how we can load and unload our shelters using this state-of-the-art piece of equipment. The addition of the Shuttlelift Gantry Crane has allowed us to be much more efficient in our loading and offloading process and we are happy to share that with anyone who visits. Our goal in 2022 and beyond is to bring clients here to see the efficient and high-quality processes we have implemented in our warehouse space!”

On Working with Shuttlelift:

“[Shuttlelift was] very responsive and diligent – working with Dan Reinholtz for the overall project, meeting our needs and specifications and providing us with the schedule we needed for implementation.” Carter Kramer – CEO, CellSite Solutions

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