Standard Concrete Products Improves Versatility with Two More Shuttlelift Mobile Gantry Cranes at Tampa Plant

STURGEON BAY, WI – Standard Concrete Products, a manufacturer of prestress concrete bridge beams and concrete pile, recently added two new DB110 (220,000 lbs. capacity) Shuttlelift Mobile Gantry Cranes to the equipment fleet at their Tampa plant.  These highly customized cranes are already providing the company with improved versatility, reduced maintenance time and costs, and improved safety features for their crews.

The new DB110 mobile gantry cranes join two ISL70B and two ISL100 models from Shuttlelift that Standard Concrete purchased in 2005 and 2006 when they worked with contractors to accelerate the production and reopening of the Escambia Bay Bridge and Bay of St. Louis Bridge after the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. The new gantry cranes will be key in the company’s next bridge project and future business:

“SCP purchased these two 110-ton cranes accompanied by the 138-foot-long spreader beams to help facilitate the construction of a 3-mile long, new construction bridge project in Pinellas and Hillborough Counties, Florida. The I-275 (Howard Frankland Bridge) project stretches from east to west across Tampa Bay Waters.” – Kurt Podoll, Division Manager at SCP.

Custom options on both DB110 cranes include a negative block drop for loading out bridge beams onto barges, 12 LED light package so crews can operate safely all hours of the day or in low visibility situations, and a 2-wheel linkage-less steer option to help with effortless wheel alignment and reduce maintenance required with standard linkage steering.

In addition, both DB110 cranes have added wheelbase length to accommodate large spreaders designed and built by Shuttelift as well. These custom designed spreader beams are 138’ long with sliding pick points which offer Standard Concrete greater versatility for picking different sized products with a single crane.

The yard will see increased efficiency by reducing tandem picks made possible with the longer spreader beams and higher lift capacities of the DB110s. Previous crane configurations restricted use to 45” I-beams only 100’ long. Now Standard Concrete will be able to lift and move up to 78” tall concrete I-beams, and up to 145’ in length.

Also included with these two cranes are 5’ column extensions, and custom trolley beams with chamfered corners, for added versatility needed in certain part of the Tampa yard with height restrictions.

“SCP has a unique crane height and width limitation in one area of our facility. To combat this, SCP and Shuttlelift devised a 5’ tall beam ‘insert’ that when installed, allows additional height for driving over tall loads, or this ‘insert’ can be taken out when desired to travel to the height restricted area of our facility,” says Podoll.

He adds: “The delivery and setup were effortless from the standpoint of the purchaser. Everything that was needed was on-site including the experienced installers.”

Shuttlelift Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes are engineered for your specific lifting needs, custom built for your facility, and supported by their world class Customer Care team and extensive worldwide service network.

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