Swan Housing Associates Choose Shuttlelift SL 35II Gantry Crane for Ultimate Flexibility in their Offsite Construction Process

STURGEON BAY, WI – Shuttlelift has recently delivered a new SL Series rubber-tired gantry crane to Swan Housing Associates in the United Kingdom.  The new Shuttlelift SL 35II, which has a lifting capacity of twenty-seven metric tons, will help the new business venture to produce and move high-quality modular housing more cost-effectively.

With housing needs in the United Kingdom continuing to rise, and frustrations with existing construction methods delaying completion dates, Swan Housing Associates realized the benefits offsite construction would bring to the industry.  They recently invested in a new factory dedicated to the offsite production of modular housing units and the Shuttlelift gantry crane was the lifting method of choice.

“It’s mobile and suits our requirements in design and movement”, said Simon Ward, Production Manager of Modular Construction at Swan.  Ward also added that being a “new business venture we had to make sure to choose the right option in the marketplace” and the Shuttlelift “provided quality and good delivery time at the right price.”

The variety in shapes and sizes of the modular housing units meant Swan needed a lifting device that could handle all the different configurations, as well as raw materials.  The Shuttlelift SL 35II with a custom spreader assembly was the perfect lifting solution.

“We wanted a flexible lifting approach for raw material delivery and finished product with large amounts of variation”, explains Ward.  “The Shuttlelift gantry crane enables us to be flexible with our material handling rather than having multiple pieces of equipment to do individual function.”

The new Shuttlelift gantry crane will aid Swan in delivering new, high-quality homes at a savings and in a fraction of the traditional construction time.  The decision to go with the Shuttlelift should also help to keep Swan as a leader in the United Kingdom’s offsite construction industry.

“We believe we’ve made the right choice to position ourselves as a leader in the industry, without making more major investments, for years to come”, said Ward.

Shuttlelift is excited to be a part of this growing industry and looks forward to the continued success of Swan Housing Associates as they provide high-quality, cost-effective housing for their UK residents.

For more information about Shuttlelift and its full range of rubber-tired gantry cranes, e-mail the sales team at sales@shuttlelift.com or visit www.shuttlelift.com.

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