Single Beam 150 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane – Built to Sustain any Environment for Years to Come

One size does not fit all in the material handling world. That’s why at Shuttlelift, we customize each rubber-tired gantry crane to fit each customer’s specific requirements. Our SB150 mobile gantry crane is no exception. With a lifting capacity of 150 U.S. tons and available options designed to maximize efficiency, you’ll quickly discover what an ‘innovative lifting solution’ truly is. The revolutionary SB150 features a single traversing beam and optional rotating hook, making it easy for any load to be transported around your yard and facility without the need for extra handling equipment.

Increased Gradeability

With our Increased Gradeability option, this mammoth machine is able to travel over greater inclines and uneven surfaces through the use of additional drive motors. What does this mean for you? The operator is now able to move the single beam 150 quicker and more efficient than ever before to get over compacted surfaces within your yard.

All-Wheel Electronic Steering

The All-Wheel Electronic Steering option on the 150-ton gantry crane provides maximum versatility, maneuverability, and precision handling while operating around tighter spaces. The system includes five available steering modes with more drive and turning speed including 2WS 90° Front, 2WS 90° Rear, Crab, Carousel, and Coordinate. Interested in learning more? Click here!

Elevated Enclosed Cab

Having an elevated, enclosed cab is an option that helps maximize visibility. The operator can get a higher vantage point for taller loads with lift points up high and is ideal when loading and unloading rail cars. The cab is designed to maximize operator visibility, and also protect them from the elements. Unforeseen weather no longer puts your operation down, keeping you on time and on schedule.

Powered Rotating Hook

The powered rotating hook option is another innovation designed to increase your bottom line. Objects being moved can sway and move with the machine, sometimes creating a need for taglines and additional workers on the ground. Powered completely via remote control, operators can move and operate with this gantry crane from a distance. Whether in the elevated cab or at ground level, operators will enjoy the added control this hook provides when performing precision lifts.

We take the time to listen to our customers in order to design a machine that fits their specific application and provide a quality machine that helps achieve future goals. Like all of our other gantry crane models, the SB Series will help solve your toughest material handling challenges through continuous innovation and hard work. Interesting in learning more about our complete product line? Head over to our Products page or contact one of our in-house Sales Managers today at